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The Revolution is Here: Instant Heating, Constant Temperature The Aures Smart bears the hallmarks of Italian design: stunning, slim and safe. This high-quality water heaters are engineered to provide a new level of comfort, ensuring a stable and consistent temperature throughout the shower, improving also water and energy efficiency: more than 16.4% savings in utility bills certified by PSB Singapore.



• Constant temperature technology, ensuring a stable and consistent temperature throughout the shower

• Smart antiscalding system 2.0 stops the heating when the water flow-in exceeds selected temperature

• Shower head with 5 spray options

• Premium Italian art design by Umberto Palermo Power: 3,3 kW Voltage: 230 V Frequency: 50hz

Min. water flow: 40 / 0.4 kPa / Bar

Max. water flow: 380 / 3.8 kPa / Bar

Min. water flow: 2 Lit/Min

Max. water flow: 8 Lit/Min

Water connection: 1/2, 15 BSP / Ømm²

Weight (net) : 1,9 kg

Dimension: 350 x 88 mm ( Diameter x D)

Ingress protection water proofing casing: 25 IP

Warranty (Heating elements/ Parts) : 5 / 1 year

Spray shower options: 5

Ariston Aures Smart Round RMC33

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