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Quad Safety System

  • Safety Pressure Relief and Drain Valve
  • Thermostat
  • Safety Cut-Out
  • Dry Burn Protection

Patented Heat Elevator Technology

  • Saves electricity consumption by 20%
  • Heat Elevator is a patent pending magnetic technology that accelerates heat transfer in fluids to improve heat stratification

Stainless Steel Heater Tank for Rust Free Water

  • Premium quality Japanese grade stainless steel heater tank which ensures constantly clean water flow


Heating Element

  • Copper sheathed for higher efficiency
  • High power for performance
  • Low watt density for faster heating efficiency and reliability
  • Easy to replace design


Heater Enclosure

  • Electro-galvanised steel with anti-corrosion treatment
  • An extra outer layer of durable high temperature baked epoxy coating


Installation Cover

  • High quality flame retardent ABS plastic
  • Easy access for service

JSH Horizontal Storage (New)

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