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A Stylish and Comfortable Shower

Stepless Electronic Power Control

  • Innovative SF (Stop and Filter) Valve
  • Slim Slider Bar Set (SA 10 And SA 20 only)
  • 3 Spray Pattern Sleek Hand Shower (SA 10 and SA20 only)


Electronic Power Control

  • Stepless electronic power control
  • Ideal shower temperature
  • Energy saving

Splash Proof Casing IP25

  • Against water splash
  • Against access to hazardous parts
  • International standard IEC 60529 compliance

Slim Slider Bar Set Design

  • Unique design
  • Adjustable push up or down shower holder

Innovative SF Valve

  • 1/4 Turn ceramic valve
  • Stop and control water volume
  • Built-in filter
  • Water saving

Safety Thermostat / Thermal Cut-out

  • Anti Scalding
  • Overheating Protection
  • Prevents Fire Hazard


Inlet or Outlet ConnectionGREEN : PowerRED : Heater
Dual IndicatorCopper sheathed for higher efficiencyHigh power for performanceLow watt density for faster heating efficiency and reliability
Heating ElementDurable constructions with ABS material
Casingø15mm (1/2″ BSP)
Safety FeaturesDescription
Flexi-HoseNon-conductive safety constructionHygenic and easy clean3 layer reinforced construction


Pressure resistance


Safety Thermostat / Thermal Cut-OutAnti scaldingOverheating protectionFire hazard protection
Auto Flow Sensor SwitchProtects the heating elementEnergy saving



Sa Series

Electrical Loading

3.3 kW 15A 230 Va.c. 50Hz

Min. Water Pressure

10 kPa / 1.45 psi / 0.1 bar

Max. Water Pressure

380 kPa / 55 psi / 3.8 bar

Min. Water Flow

2 litres per minute

Max. Water Flow

8 litres per minute

Inlet / Outlet Connection

ø15mm (1/2” BSP) – Single Point System


221 X 341X 76 mm


2.6 kg (SA10)

SA10 Grey

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