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Blue Enamel Coated Tank

Provides higher corrosion resistance and longer lifespan.

Energy Saving

Minimum heat loss through thermal insulation.

Durable Incoloy Heating Element

Designed with low thermal load for better durability.

IPX4 Splash Proof

Designed and built with splash-proof safety standard that protects the internal circuits from splashing water.

Space Saving Design

The 300mm diameter slim-fit cylinder body helps save space.

Bottom Inlet Outlet Water Connections

Inlet and outlet water connections are located at the bottom of water heater for easier installation.

Safety System

Pressure relief safety valve discahrges water during pressure built up and prevents backflow of hot water to the mains. Thermal safety device cuts off power supply when temperature rises to an unsafe level and also dry heating of element. Heater tank is tested to withstand up to twice its rated pressure.

SLB15 Storage Water Heater

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